Series One.X

Series One.X is the epitomy of the design process is an evolution – of ideas, styles, and tastes – and as part of listening to encouragement and feedback. Once word of the progress on the Series Two design process began to make its way through the community, we began to receive feedback on Series One.

Overwhelmingly, we were asked to come up with timepieces that included indices and hands that incorporated LUME and thus the Series One.X was born by reimagining the original Series One timepieces with LUME.

Like the originals, the Series One.X features the ever-reliable and ever-durable Japanese Miyota 8215 Automatic movement.  We have also updated the crown with the same ones we’ve placed in our Series Two timepieces — maintaining brand consistency.

The Series One.X is available in Grey Silver, Teal, Salmon, and Grey Black.