Two Broke Watch Snobs Review Max Holloway's Sixofour Life Watch

With all of the craziness surrounding UFC223 this past weekend, it was great to see how a real champ behaves. Max Holloway, with his steady courage, volunteered to replace the injured Tony Ferguson to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov in a full weight class above his current one - Featherweight - with only six days notice. Unfortunately, his doctors would not give consent nor permission for Max to fight so, in the end, he was taken off the card.

But from this event forward, no one could question Max's heart, courage and bravery. So it's in this light that the guys over at Two Broke Watch Snobs took the opportunity to review the very Limited Edition watch we created for Max last year.

Check out their review and get your hands on this very special, very limited edition timepiece!

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